Dial In Numbers API

The Dial In Numbers API allows you to receive and manipulate phone numbers and incoming phone calls via easy APIs. You can read the tutorial here.

Finding a Dial In Number via API

This API allows for listing and subscribing to a Dial In Number (DIN).

To list available DINs, make a GET request to:

curl -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/

The response will be a JSON structure, returned with HTTP 200 OK status code like:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Type: application/json

        "country_code": "81",
        "din": "815012345678",
        "din_uid": "JPafr34rafic76tf",
        "minute_cost": 1,
        "monthly_cost": 650.0,
        "prefix": "50"
        "country_code": "81",
        "din": "81312345678",
        "din_uid": "JPascfdrwersdf12",
        "minute_cost": 10,
        "monthly_cost": 1900.0,
        "prefix": "3"

Response data




The country code for this DIN, dependent on it’s country


The E.164 version of the DIN, including country code


A unique identifier for this particular DIN


The credit cost per minute when receiving calls to this DIN


The monthly credit cost of subscribing to this DIN


The local area prefix for this DIN, without the 0

You can also filter using a country code or a prefix:

curl -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/?country=JP


curl -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/?prefix=813

filtering using country or prefix will only return you the relevant DINs based on your filter.

Subscribing to a Dial In Number via API

To subscribe to a DIN, send a POST request like:

curl -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> -d'din_uid=<din_uid>' https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/subscriptions/

where <din_uid> is the value you got from the previous GET request for the number you want to subscribe to.

The response will return with HTTP 201 OK to indicate that the subscription was succesfull.


  • Your credits will be charged immediately for the monhtly subscription if your POST request succeeds

Attach an action to the Dial In Number via API

Each Dial In Number can be attached an action that will provide instruction what to do with the call if it was answered:

curl -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> -d'action_url=<url>' https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/subscriptions/<din_uid>/

The url specified for action_url will be called via GET when there is incoming call to your subscribed DialIN number to get a command that will be used to handle the call.


Try subscribing to a local number and see how it works now! Signing up takes only a few minutes and it’s free

Getting the list of subscribed Dial In Numbers via API

To get the list of your current subscribed DINs, just make a GET request like:

curl -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/subscriptions/

Unsubscribing to a Dial In Number via API

To unsubscribe:

curl -XDELETE -u <SID>:<AUTH_TOKEN> https://api.xoxzo.com/voice/dins/subscriptions/<din_uid>/

What are Actions?

An Action is something that you tell us to do when a call comes in via your subscribed Dial In Number (DIN). These can be things like transfering the incoming call to a different number, playing a music file or read the text with text to speech.

Avaialable Actions are listed at Available Actions

The Actions that you want to do are defined in a simple text file that you make accessible via a URL. This URL is the action_url that you set when you subscribe to a DIN.

When a call comes in to your DIN, we’ll make a GET request to your action_url that will also include information about the call, like:

GET /command/?caller=+8180123456789&recipient=+8150123456789

Where caller is the caller id of the phone making the call and recipient is your DIN.

Available Actions

The available actions are as follows:




Plays back an mp3 file to the caller


Transfers the incoming call to another number


Takes text and reads it out loud (Text-to-Speech)


Playbacks a greeting and record a voice message


Your action_url must return the following output in plain text format:

playback http://example.com/media.mp3

Where playback contains a required paramater that points to the URL of the mp3 file you want to play.


For transfer, you’ll need to also include a required parameter of the number you want to transfer to:

transfer +81807181881 --caller=+8190123456789

caller is an optional argument to set the caller id when you transfer the call.


  • The caller is sent as through a best effort method and is not guaranteed to be shown on the recipient’s mobile as it is and maybe replaced with an arbitary caller. This is dependent on the policies of the carriers, intermerdiary networks and governments, and they may not honour your request.

For text to speech, you use say

say en "Hello, how are you?"

You need to include two required parameters. The first one is language code. Please refer tts_lang for details.

The second parameter is the text message. You need to enclose the text with the quotation marks. Please refer tts_message for details.

For voicemail system, you use voicemail:

voicemail playback http://example.com/greeting.mp3


voicemail say en "You have reached the ABC company. Please leave a message after the beep."

There are two options available for voicemail greetings

  • URL of the mp3 file you want to play, format is playback <greeting_url>

  • playing a phrase using TTS engine, format is say <lang> <message> please refer tts_lang for details.

To listen to the recorded voicemail message, you need to access XOXZO user’s dashboard.